Movie poster of the short film Veritas Nuda by Hubertus Hinse. With Melody Bayer, Ole Bosse and Martina Topp, and the voices of Jessica Schilling and Alice Rudolf.

The Song of Songs is a collection

of highly erotic poems in the Bible. 

VERITAS NUDA puts them in relation to

papal doctrine by combining

acting, nude art and bible readings

in a short film. 


Actress Melody Bayer as Eve. Driven out of paradise, she finds a new Garden of Eden, a  library.

God creates MAN and WOMAN, but papal dogmas divide them. They escape the conflict the way God created them - naked.

Suddenly they find themselves in a library. 

In ancient books they discover the Song of Solomon.

The tender verses help man and woman to reunite once again. The library becomes their new Garden of Eden. 

Why would you like to see this short film?

An ancient book, a newsletter from the 1960s, a little-known poem and two naked people.

Welcome to VERITAS NUDA.


The library as the new Garden of Eden is an image that was created at the very beginning of the project.

The fruits of this paradise are knowledge and equality - and they are not forbidden. They are necessary. Today probably more than ever. So, too, is mutual respect from person to person.

The Bible has shaped European culture, and whether we are aware of it or not, it still does: "Subdue the earth." “Be fruitful and multiply”. “Men shall rule over woman.” “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman. But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife…“ 

These Biblical teachings still dominate millions of minds. 

But is sexuality really just a tool to force multiplication? Does it have to imply men dominating women? 

I don't think so. 

There is another way: The Song of Songs slumbers in the Bible well hidden. A collection of highly erotic love poems. Sensual and unrestrained in the most positive way, it praises beauty and physical pleasures without admonishing a guilty conscience.

The Song of Songs presents us with astonishingly emancipated verses from a time about 2500 years ago.

This song is not about domination or sexual exploitation, it is about the joy of positivity, mutual admiration and partners truly enjoying each other by their own free will. 

Of course the truth is always in the eye of the beholder. That's why I'm very happy we were able to realize our short film project VERITAS NUDA. 

Perhaps it will encourage you to (re)discover an old text or modern behavior in amazement, delight or irritation. 

Melody Bayer posing as rose of sharon in the short film Vertias Nuda by Hubertus Hinse.
Actress Melody Bayer is confronted with a qoute from Pope Francis. Picture by Hubertus Hinse.
Actor Ole Bosse shouting out loud in the short film Veritas Nuda by Hubertus Hinse

Ole Bosse: 

After graduating from high school, I actually wanted to be a Protestant pastor. In the end I became something very similar: I became an actor. I am convinced that the profession of acting derived from the "profession" of the shaman.
At best, we tell the stories that are important to people. We create a place in and a connection with the world that surrounds us. One of the big topics that always accompanies us, is: Why are we drawn to other people? 

Does this create an obligation? Or freedom? Security? Various answers have been found throughout history. 

In the Catholic Church a social desire for monogamy and „correct“ love found its expression. However, this is not necessarily an emotional, but rather a social, economic expression. In the blurring between the norm and the personal wishes, one has to search and research again and again. 

This short film was an affair of the heart for me, which also showed me my own limitations in terms of nudity and how quickly these limitations can be forgotten. Surface and depth, limitation and freedom, we cannot escape this tension and if we are honest, why should we want that?

„Blessed one, the fulness, or all-blessed fulness, thou who shalt be sung of as blessed in all generations.“

Melody Bayer: 

…completed her acting training at the AdK Bayern in Regensburg more than 10 years ago and has been working on stage as freelancer and in front of the camera ever since.

„Nowadys on the one hand we are more enlightened and progressive than ever before, but on the other hand we are increasingly tense with sexuality, bare skin and the aesthetics of the body. That is why I am fascinated by the subject of our short film "Veritas Nuda“.

The artistic combination of realistic film scenes, abstract scenes and quotations from the Bible is something new that I was not yet familiar with. 

I would also like to mention the pleasant, productive and always funny collaboration with my colleagues. 

I t was a great experience!“


Seven postcards showing still pictures taken from the short film Veritas Nuda by Hubertus Hinse.

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Cover of the DVD of the short film Veritas Nuda.
Melody Bayer posing as rose of sharon in the short film Vertias Nuda by Hubertus Hinse.

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Dreaming a dream is free. Making a film is expensive.
We created VERITAS NUDA to encourage discussion,

to point out links between

body, soul, sexuality, spirituality, sensuality, eroticism, religion

and equality. 

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